• Vent Cleaning!

  • Dryer safety is something we take seriously at Lafayette Appliance Repair.  Regular dryer and vent cleaning is critical to your safety – it’s that simple!  Check out this link on what the National Fire Prevention Association has to say about dryer safety.

    And with Lafayette Appliance Repair, we don’t just clean the vent when we do a cleanout we COMPLETELY disassemble and THOROUGHLY clean your dryer as well.  Why?  It’s not just your dryer’s VENT that packs in accumulated lint and debris over time, but also your dryer.  And consider this — where’s your dryer’s heat source located?  Inside the dryer.

    Our Vent Cleaning Service includes a full inside-to-outside, meticulous vent tube power-cleaning as well as a FULL disassembly, inspection and power-cleaning of your dryer, component by component.  This includes the drum, belt, motor, lint chute, lint trap, blower wheel, blower assembly, heat tube and heat element (electric) or burner (gas), motor, rollers, bearings, idler, pulley, wiring — we also inspect and if necessary replace the transitional vent which goes from your dryer to the laundry room wall!  We remove ALL accumulated lint and debris from the bottom, side and rear walls of your dryer and when we’re done, your dryer looks AND RUNS like new!  Your clothes will also dry much quicker and you’ll typically notice an energy savings as well.  We’ve done many, many Vent Cleaning Service calls over the years and we’re experts at it.

    If your clothes are taking too long to dry, if your vent has a long length in its run, if you just bought a previously-lived-in home or if you haven’t had a professional cleanout service done in at least two or more years, you’re probably a candidate for a vent cleanout.  To schedule an appointment, give us a call at 765-491-3487.