• Use & Care Tips

  • Here are some Use & Care tips for you in keeping your appliances "ship-shape":

    Clean Refrigerator Coils

    Keeping your coils clean keeps your electric bill down and is a HUGE use & care tip!  We use a special brush and blower along with a vacuum.  Wear a mask and expect a mess.  Pull unit away from wall. Remove front and rear covers.  Blow front to rear, vacuum at rear.  Blow rear to front.  Vacuum front.  Repeat as many times as necessary.  With the rear cover removed, also clean the fan blade, being careful to not bend fins or motor shaft.  Watch for sharp edges, too!

    Avoid Overloads

    Cramming more clothes into your washer is just going make it run harder not last as long.  Overloads can damage bearings, motors, belts and other moving parts and lead to repair costs that may even exceed the value of the unit.

    Recalibrate Your Oven Temperature Setting

    Many electronic stoves can be recalibrated.  If the temperature in your oven seems off, or if your new oven just doesn't heat like your old one, use the instructions in your user's manual and recalibrate.  Place a high-quality, calibratable oven thermometer on the center shelf and wait for the oven to reach and maintain a constant temperature.  Follow instructions in user's manual in matching thermometer temp with stove's digital temp readout.

    Keep It Quiet

    Rubber anti-vibration pads are a great way to keep washer and dryer "walk" and vibration at a minimum, especially if your laundry appliances are on uneven flooring.  

    Keep the Dishwasher Clean

    When your dishwasher no longer gets your dishes clean, check your food filter.  Some models have a screen, some are unscrewed -- check your owner's manual.  Remove the lower rack and filter cover inside the dishwasher.  Clean off the screen or trap with a wet vac (shop-vac) and reassemble.

    Don't Slam the Doors!

    Many washer and dryer lid switches today are made out of plastic.  If you continually drop or slam the lid on your washer or dryer, the latch will eventually break costing you money.  If you allow your children to do laundry, you may have to have a discussion about proper appliance door usage. 

    Remember the Magic Button

    All garbage disposals have an overload feature that automatically shuts off the power when the motor gets too hot. Once the motor cools, simply push the reset button on the side of or under the unit. 

    Clean Up Stove Spills

    If a stove burner won't ignite, check for spills.  A toothbrush can be used to clean off food spills from the igniter. On an electronic ignition stove, if you lift off the black ceramic cap, the igniter is a little ceramic nub with a metal piece. Once you clean the area, make sure the black ceramic cap is properly re-seated on the burner.