• Manufacturer Warranties

  • When it comes to manufacturer warranties, sadly, they just don't make 'em like they used to.

    In general, a one-year parts and labor warranty has become standard. A few makers of high-end appliances still offer longer warranties, and some manufacturers may offer a longer warranty on a more durable part, such as a refrigerator compressor, but those are exceptions to the rule.

    This new era of lean warranties comes at a bad time for consumers, especially those who are living on tighter budgets. Appliances tend to have more electronic bells and whistles, meaning repairs can be pricey. To get the length of warranty coverage you as a consumer used to get when buying a new appliance, retailers are now more than ever pushing extended service plans, which can add hundreds of dollars to the cost of the new appliance.

    These extended service plans, which can be sold by the appliance manufacturer, retailer or even third-parties, are a gamble -- it's a good bet when you need an expensive repair that's covered, a losing bet if your pricey repair slides through one of the loopholes.

    Consumers are better off using their dollars to buy appliances known for being trouble-free. The downside is if you'd like a single brand for all your kitchen appliances, the manufacturer that produces the most reliable refrigerator may not necessarily produce the most reliable stove.

    Ultimately, doing your homework before you shop and before you buy, and becoming an educated consumer is the smartest thing you can do for your family, your home and for your budget.  Lafayette Appliance Repair is here for you if you have questions about purchases, warranty work (see our page on warranties), repairs, etc.  Just give us a call at 765-807-5190