• Dishwasher Repair

  • Dishwasher repair is one of the services we offer.  As you know, dishwashers are an important feature to any kitchen, especially when you have a family.  If it goes down, you're "up a creek."  But no worries!  That's what Lafayette Appliance Repair is here for.  Regardless of your dishwasher repair need, we'll quickly have your dishwasher back up and running.  

    When you call, we'll ask you some basic questions about your dishwasher.  What is the brand?  What is the age of the unit?  What are the symptoms?  What is the unit doing that it shouldn't be or not doing what it should be?  Is it in the controls, door latch, drain, the wash cycle, is there a smell or are the dishes not getting cleaned -- these are typical questions we'll pose when you call us.  Be prepared to have your model number handy as well.  Most of the time, that info isn't listed on your user's manual (unless you wrote it there,) but if you visit our model number finder page on our website, you'll see the most common areas for placement of your model number sticker.  

    Once we have the information we need, we'll do some background research on the unit to determine more about it.  Is yours a common problem?  Is it cost-effectively repairable and are parts readily available?  From there, we'll call for a convenient time for you to meet with us and head your way at that time.

    Additionally, if the determination is made that we can't fix your dishwasher cost-effectively, we offer professional dishwasher installation services as well.  Call for more information - 765-807-5190.  And if it's after hours, don't worry.  We're still hear for you! -- Click the link HERE and book your appointment online!  Our customers love us -- check our reviews HERE!