• Coupon

  • The price of everything from a pound of ground beef to toothpaste has gone up excessively in the last few years. While we can’t do anything about that, our desire is to help you keep your appliance repair costs contained as much as possible. To help you do that and as a token of our appreciation to our valued clients, we’re giving you a $10 discount on the overall cost of a service call which includes a repair.

    To redeem your coupon and get your $10 credit, simply print this page and present it to your technician upon the completion of your service call. We’ll give you an immediate $10 off on your repair services! You can consider this Lafayette Appliance Repair’s way of saying “THANK YOU,” for being our valued client and for using our appliance repair services.

    ** This discount is for service calls in which a repair is completed. If we provide a diagnostic-only service, such as in the case where an appliance is non-repairable due to any reason, a minimum service charge will apply. Any questions, please ask. Any service company will charge if they have to show up but end up, through no fault of their own, not being able to fix the appliance due to cost exceeding value of unit, cost exceeding client’s budget and/or desired investment in appliance repair, availability to obtain parts based on age and/or other factors beyond our control, etc. This coupon is good for one use per customer per visit. Not redeemable for parts-only purchases, or insurance or warranty claim related services.