• About Us

  • I started Lafayette Appliance Repair as a heart-felt passion to help others. After career roles in HVAC, rental property maintenance and management and then also a disappointing experience in appliance repair work for a repair company focused more on revenue generation and less on integrity, I started L.A.R. as a part-time community outreach. Initially it was dedicated to helping the elderly and society’s disadvantaged; those genuinely down on their luck and those who couldn’t afford repairs. I eventually was encouraged to “hang my shingle” by a friend and pastor and in 2012, I incorporated under the business name of Lafayette Appliance Repair and took “the plunge.”

    I can’t speak for other repair services’ “business model,” but mine is simply focusing on what matters most, as it says in my motto — “We do the job right, the first time, EVERY time!” My continuous goal is to always provided high-quality, cost-effective repairs to my customers. If your appliance breakdown brings me into your life as a way to help you get your appliance back online, I’ve helped you — and that’s my personal definition of success and the reason I’m in this industry.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    Bob Schueler, Owner
    Lafayette Appliance Repair