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    Bob Schueler

  • Here's a little bit about us and our history as Lafayette Appliance Repair.  Hi -- I'm Bob Schueler, the owner of Lafayette Appliance Repair.  Thanks for your time.  I was formally trained in Heating and Air Conditioning in Phoenix, AZ, and plied the trade for several years, starting in 1989.  

    In 1993, my new family and I moved to Indiana, where through hard work and diligence I bought some run-down rentals which I spruced up and eventually flipped.  Between the maintenance required on the rentals as well as a full-time day job as a maintenance mechanic, I was quickly thrust into the world of appliance repair -- much of which was learned on the job (this WAS pre-YouTube and internet days, folks!)  

    In the late 90's I worked for one of my competitors for awhile and then branched off.  I still do those oIn 20+ years of repair experience and exposure, I still learn something new every day.  Whether it's technical, personal or professional, the learning never ends.  Between that, and the privilege of being around people, I suppose that's the main reason I enjoy self-employment.  I like it when I've made my customer happy, and I like it when I can do that via appliance repair.

    In my spare time, I’m active in my community and my wife and I do various outreaches to nursing homes, shut-ins and the disadvantaged.  We sponsor several area sports teams and enjoy working with the youth – they ARE, after all, our future.

  • WLFI - TV 18 Interview, Nov., 2013

    The local TV station did a story on a house fire where they assumed the clothing inside caught on fire which then caused the house fire.  As I doubted that because of the thermal safety devices installed on dryers, I emailed the station and told them I believed the likely cause, as with most dryer fires in the US, was due to excessive lint build-up in the dryer/vent.  Next thing I know, I'm being asked to give my advice on dryer maintenance.  While my comments were edited, the take-away is that dryer and vent cleaning is CRITICAL, folks!  Whether you use our services or not, I'd encourage you to do a cleaning at least every couple of years (depending on the length of the vent) and regular maintenance.  Please check out my dryer/vent cleaning page here.