• Pricing

  • Service Calls Starting @ $40 — Waived w/Repair!

    We have two pricing scenarios – 1) an up-front, flat-rate fee; OR 2) a service call fee.  NEVER both!  Here’s how it works:

    Scenario 1:  

    • We arrive, troubleshoot and determine the appliance is repairable.
    • We give you the cost of repair.  
    • You agree and we do the repair.  
    • The repair cost includes the call, all parts, labor, taxes and a FULL factory warranty! 
    • Yours will be an up-front, all-inclusive FLAT RATE which eliminates a service call fee.  It’s that simple!  

    Scenario 2:  

    • We arrive and determine the appliance is un-repairable and/or not cost-effective to repair.  
    • Service call fee applies, starting at $40

    Sample Costs & Stats

    Here’s a GENERAL breakdown of appliance averages based on repair times and repair costs.   Bear in mind, these are average times and costs and are NOT a guarantee of either:

    Washers — 30-50 average minutes to repair; $135-184 average repair cost

    Dryers — 25-45 average minutes to repair; $127-174 average repair cost

    Fridges/Freezers — 37-67 average minutes to repair; $158-$225 average repair cost

    Stove/Ovens — 32-52 average minutes to repair; $124-167 average repair cost

    Dishwashers — 26-42 average minutes to repair; $120-165 average repair cost


    Is the Appliance Worth the Repair Cost?

    Equally important — along with ALL parts, service call, travel, parts, diagnostic and labor fees being applied to your repair rate, we’ll ALWAYS tell you if we think your appliance is worth repairing. This protects you from situations where the appliance is older and not worth the repair based on its condition and age, where repairs could be in the hundreds of dollars, where parts are obsolete or where there’s an extended wait time for parts due to factory back-orders.


    Prefer a National Repair Svc or a Local One?

    Lafayette Appliance Repair is a family owned, locally-owned business.  We formed Lafayette Appliance Repair from the ground up on the principles of honesty, integrity and value.  In providing high-quality, low-cost repair, Lafayette Appliance Repair has a proven reputation for customer service excellence – just check out our reviews. This is a two-fold “win-win” in that it’s good for your bottom-line and it’s good for our business. Honesty, integrity and value are our objectives and business adjectives. We GUARANTEE all three! We’ll never try to hook you into a “service contract” or a nickle-and-dime repair fee and we’ll NEVER, EVER put parts on your unit that you don’t need. Sadly, we’ve seen this done here in Lafayette too many times.

    Best Price Guarantee!

    In an apples-to-apples comparison, Lafayette Appliance Repair’s prices will ALWAYS beat our competitors – HANDS DOWN! Again, please check out our reviews and what others are saying about us on Facebook, Angie’s List, Google +, etc.  

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